Induction Furnace Melting Crucible

Induction Furnace Melting Crucible

We at Induction Furnace Technomart offer complete Induction Melting Furnace Crucible Assembly which offer superior performance and outstanding durability for all melt shop needs regardless of the size of molten metal needs from small capacity, precision casting operations to the largest induction melting foundry, Dura Line furnaces offer high operational efficiencies with a wide choice of capacities in a budget-friendly package.

Our Dura line coreless induction furnace is designed for rugged use and high-power density melting. This concept in mid-size furnaces has a body constructed of heavy cast refractory top and bottom sections with stainless steel reinforcement, providing a strong and rigid support for the heavy-duty, copper power coil and the working lining. It is ideal for medium-sized installations.

Induction Furnace Technomart is the Leading manufacturer & exporter for Induction Furnace Melting Crucible & Induction Melting Furnace Coil at India, USA, Australia, England, Spain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand, Brazil, Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda.

  • Solid Design Using Cast Aluminum Side Plates
  • Thicker High Temperature Top & Bottom Blocks Built To Last Longer
  • Lower Losses Due To Absence Of Shunts
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Water Connections
  • Lesser Cooling Water Required Per Ton Of The Molten Metal
  • Suitable For Plug In Plug Out Application

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