Semiconductor Fast Acting Fuse 170m6748

Semiconductor Fast Acting Fuse 170m6748

These are fast acting fuses and are meant for protection of Power Semiconductor Devices, which are thermally sensitive. Here the over currents have to be disconnected very rapidly.

Proper selection of fuses for the protection of semiconductor devices is based upon the limiting values of the devices to be protected as well as the load and fault currents that are expected to occur in service.

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Fast Acting Fuse Make

  • Eton Bussmann / Ferraz Shawmut
  • 170 M 6714 / 170 M 5766
  • Fastacting Fuse 800a/690v
  • Fastacting Fuse 900a/690v
  • Fastacting Fuse 1000a/690v
  • Fastacting Fuse 1250a/690v
  • Fastacting Fuse 1500a/690v
  • Fastacting Fuse 1600a/690v

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