Refractory Precast Castable Top Block

The properties and application of refractory precast block.

In the industrial furnace and thermal equipment, the use of prefabricated block furnace, can realize the mechanization of hoisting, saving manpower, shorten the construction period, improve the furnace operation rate.

The refractory precast block used in blast furnace, hot blast furnace, heating furnace, induction furnace top, thermal furnace of iron ore powder and pellet roasting vertical furnace. Now the refractory precast block in the spout, the stove top and baking furnace is widely used, and play a bigger role. Good results have been obtained in the medium frequency furnace and induction furnace by using refractory precast block.IFT precast block factory production, after the low temperature treatment. Therefore, the construction speed is fast, no need to bake, can be used, long life, is an important development direction in the future.

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