Silicon Based Lamination Insulation Pad For Electrotherm Furnace

Induction Furnace Technomart is the Leading manufacturer & exporter for Inducto funrnace parts like Silicon Based Lamination Insulation Pad at India, USA, Australia, England, Spain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand, Brazil, Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda.

IFT ManufacturesOf Silicon Yoke Insulation Pad Across Furnace Industries

High Electrical Insulation

High Temperatue Resistance

Klingersil C-4300 Thermoseal For Inductherm Shunt Insulation

Mica Insulation Pad For Megatherm Furnace

Manufacturing Ranges : 1000 Kgs To 30,000 Kgs Capacity Of Furnace

we can design and manufacture all replacement lamination yoke shunt insulation from other suppliers such as:

  • Inductotherm
  • Electrotherm
  • Megatherm
  • ABP Induction & Pillar Induction
  • Ajax Tocco

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