Lamination Shunt/Yoke For Induction Furnace Equimpmet

IFT Manufactures High Efficincy, Energy Saving Magnetic Shunt / Yoke.

The Yokes Are Used As Strong Components That Prevent The Lorentz Force(Combination Of Electric And Magnetic Force On A Point Charge Due To Electromagnetic Field)Generated By The Coil From Damaging And Deforming It.

The Magnetic Shunt / Yokes Also Reduce The Leakage Flux That Flows Out Of The Appliance, Preventing Unintended Heating In Surrounding Structures. Keeping The Amount Of Material Used In The Magnetic Yokes To A Minimum Makes It Possible To Reduce The Cost Of The Apparatus.

Induction Furnace Technomart is the Leading manufacturer & exporter for Induction Furnace Parts like Lamination Shunt/Yoke For Induction Furnace Equimpmet at India, USA, Australia, England, Spain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand, Brazil, Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda.

Lamination Shunt / Yoke for any make of induction equipment design on your requirement

  • Crngo / Crgo Laminates
  • Support Structure As Per Termination And Non-Termination
  • Proper Application Of Cooling Section
  • Long Life
  • Easy Fitting

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